DeepCrawl Update 1.8

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I had the chance recently to beta test the new DeepCrawl update (version 1.8).  For regular readers of the blog you may recall my blog post on DeepCrawl back in November, The Latest Weapon In The SEO Arsenal: DeepCrawl. Since then The Sandpit has been busying away creating this latest version of DeepCrawl which is due for release on 14th April.

The latest release has a number of essential features/reports.

  • Basic hreflang support
  • Improved title tag length calculations
  • Short title tags/meta descriptions report (which is also in Google Webmaster Tools)
  • A report which shows you which pages are missing the canonical tag (quite handy)
  • Pagination support
  • A report that points out double encoded URLs
  • And more!

Short Title Tags
Fortunately we don’t appear to be breaking this rule on Dave’s site:
Short Title Tags - DeepCrawl

Short Meta Descriptions
As expected, no short meta descriptions flagged up on Dave’s site:
Short Descriptions - 0

Pages Without A Canonical Tag
I was surprised to find these flagged up, turns out that most of these were 301 redirects.
Pages without canonical tag - 131

The main new additions to the software appear to be the fact that you can now crawl from multiple sources using their universal crawl feature, these are crawl via an xml sitemap, crawl out from a particular page, and crawl a list of supplied URLs. This feature is fairly handy if you are concerned about any URLs being missed off.

Anyway, the new version should be out shortly, if you have a site in Panda I highly recommend you try it out as it will no doubt spot hundreds of flaws with your website.  You can find out more details on the DeepCrawl website.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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