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by David W
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I’ve got a theory that Google Analytics is set to become more and more comprehensive. I was doing some studying on the weekend when I saw Geckoboard mentioned in my study notes – I’d logged into Geckoboard before and not really found it all that useful (for me at least), but I logged in again and took a look around – it seemed like it was more useful, but still not great. Then I suddenly though, what if Google Analytics Dashboards allowed people to create custom widgets?

Imagine all your different KPIs, metrics and data summed up on a simple, easy to use, Google Analytics dashboard. That’s what I think’s coming at least. Anyways, for those of you who haven’t made any dashboards yet, I’ve got a few good ones listed below (if you’re interested).

The reason why dashboards are so great is that it allows analysts to display the information that matters in a way that is easier to understand. Anyways, without further a do, he’s some of the dashboards I’ve created lately.

The SEO Dashboard

This is a useful SEO dashboard, it shows you how the site is doing for non-brand organic traffic at a glance, you can see how much money its bringing in and what the top keywords are (blanked out). Great if you want your clients to see a quick glance at progress.

The Usability Dashboard

This is a dashboard I’ve created for one of our clients, as you can see it looks at page load times and how it affects conversion rates, mobile conversion rates and how they perform against the average conversion rate and then also it highlights problems with particular browsers or operating systems. Basically at a glance you should be able to see ways of improving the bottom line by fixing any obvious usability/speed issues.

Management Dashboard

This dashboard is ideal for a quick look by management. It shows how much revenue is coming in, how well the site is converting, how much traffic it is getting and a break down of revenue by source and by medium so they get an idea of how reliant they are on one area.

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