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by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Ok I’m just “throwing this out there” as Nathan Buggia would say ;).

2 things, Can Google stop link buying and are you ready if they do.

Yes, Google can stop linking buying in many many ways, but can they stop it by hand editorials or taking out footprinted networks like PPP NO.

But if they changed the way they index the web and not use Links has a credible source of data, would that stop the linking buying … Hell yer of course it would why pay for something if it’s going to have no real influence in the organic Serps.

So if I was Google what would I do,

User Data ! that’s the key here in fact it always has been, Google didn’t buy feedburner, youtube etc etc JUST TO GET MORE ADS OUT THERE… ok maybe they did, but long term and this scares me a little if Google can add the missing piece of the jigsaw ( pssst what the ISP’s See) then spam will just disappear and Link buying becomes a thing of the past.

I Honestly believe that Googles goal has not really changed over the years, they want to index the world data and supply it to YOU in a readable and relevant manner, so if the can find user data on what sitse convert well, hold the users attention span, these should be key indicators, so using Googles own systems like Feedburner, analytics’s and adwords in the future may just be the key to ranking high in organic.


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