Are you a conduit for spam

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

In the good old days I used to seek and find conduits all the time, now I’m going back quite a few years when I used to play that game lol, but it still surprises me how often the conduit door is left open and how many web masters just don’t get it ( here is a little clue NOFOLLOW ain’t going to stop it happening and if you spam the search engines to much you will pay the price!)

Now a conduit isn’t supposed to help you ranking it just there to pass people from google to your spam site. Take the case of Squidoo lens this is a great conduit but it’s on Google’s radar already and they have some great rankings like Twitter Applications


but when you have a conduit you exposed to this and it doesn’t take long with a few site: searches to find out what’s going on take this is a classic if you check out that page


If you notice the line that says “Read what Oprah Winfrey has to say about Hoodia.t-Click Here!” this is actually my 3rd choice of conduit spam, and the reason why it works is the squidoo page is nice and clean, good information and a great call to action even I want to know what Oprah thinks about Hoodia 😉

Now if Squidoo is ranking for Twitter applications I’m sure you could make it rank for loads of terms 🙂

so My Top 3 conduit spam techniques
1) The straight redirect ( google is much better at detecting these so you will need to tool up for bulk insertions)
2) The Big picture (use a Image with a link, but the image is so bug it pushes everything off page)
3) The Endorsement ( using celebs names to help push the point “what would Matt Cutts say !” )

but I’m sure you can be creative


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