Are Blogs are waste of time in Google now

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Are we starting to see Google turn the screw of “we don’t like you” on blogs? For many months rumours had been flying around that Google was going to purge a lot of blogs, at the beginning of last week I noticed that some of my pages were not getting indexed like they normally would.

example :

None are indexed in Google…

I knew we had done some backroom work on the blog so I checked webmastertools to see what errors it had turned up, and noticed some general errors. Today we have spent most of the day tracking and Greping logs files and server files to find these errors, but really haven’t turned up anything. Other than we are fine in Google’s Blogsearch and Dead in Google Organic? Of course I have had a few emails from people offering me advice lol.

Most people now think that DavidNaylor is banned in Google or at least under a penalty. This doesn’t sit right with me as most people are saying I have either gained too many links over the past month due to the Google and Twitter debate, others feel it’s because of the NON seo posts on a seo blog which again I feel incorrect and I have cited each time, most of the links gained Via the Google and Twitter thing Matt Cutts gained them as well. For off topic posts I pointed out Matt Cutts ranks for Seo Blogs, but his last posts have been : < the one that started all this LOL 😉

I also pointed out in the emails, that if Google is banning me because I SPOKE OUT on certain topics, wouldn’t that be Web Censorship? I understand what Spamdexing is and I understand the T’s and C’s at Google. Anyway I have pulled a few Posts and I’m going to put the Blog on Moderation and pull the full RSS feeds, until I can get to the root of this.


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