Akismet, Could They Ban Kevin Rose?

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Ok Akismet says

368,184,324 spams caught so far
1,159,929 so far today
93% of all comments are spam

But Akismet doesn’t say how many false negatives they get. Let me get this straight, if I had 5000 blogs and I said that Kevin Rose was spamming me, would Akismet ban Kevin? If I blog spammed 100,000 people with the Akismet plugin on Kevin Rose’s behalf would they Ban him? I guess it’s NO… interesting test though don’t you think 😉

I know Shoemoney can’t comment on my blog , due to people Blog spamming his domain.

But Akismet, If I say it’s not spam why the hell don’t you listen to me, let me add a white list or something… it’s my blog !!!

Ok the rant almost over, I do understand the problems of trusting me… I’m just one person and saying that Shoemoney’s website is ok for my blog isn’t giving him a free pass on Akismet, I just want a Local one.

John Andrews has a good point about Akismet, John’s point is basically he did what I did, he scans what Akismet says is spam and pulls out what isn’t, well today like me, he noticed the amount of XSS in particular the IE7 exploit downloads (the one that launches embedded media player).

Which means you will never see a Shoemoney comment on here.. In fact I still have time before the end of the year to do evil .. hehe Maybe a Digg versus Akismet would be a cool test…


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