Ahrefs, LTR and Google Webmaster Tools Announce Updates

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Finding the right tools to be able to keep track of the backlinks that are held within your website's profile can be a hard thing to do, I mean there are just so many out there that promise you the world and once you commit you feel like you really shouldn't have bothered.

Well I'm glad to tell you that Ahrefs.com have once again revealed that they have updated their service, firstly increasing the number of webpages that they crawl through their indexing spiders but also, today, they announced a further element to their backlink research tool, a percentage indicator based on the density of the anchor texts used within the profile.

Okay so you might not be as excited about that as I am but that comes from the analytic mind set that I carry and like to showcase but  more importantly this is just one of a mass of changes that site have made to their service in order to offer a better tool.

Not so long ago the site held a competition which asked users of the site to offer their recommendations and suggestions towards what would make the tool bigger, better and easier to use and one can only assume that these changes are fresh out of the suggestions pile, wherever the ideas are coming from I hope that they keep coming as they are firmly establishing themselves as one of my favourite SEO tools.

Although Ahrefs seem to be making big changes to their tool, they aren't the only ones following the news that Cemper have continued their own development of LinkResearchTools.com, a multi tool platform service that offers users the chance to be able to analyse multiple elements of a website, their latest addition being more socially driven following the release of their ‘Pinterest' tracker which now allows the tool to see how many times your post has been pinned by users of one of the fastest growing social networks.

In a time when social networking seems to be coming into play more and more each day, the addition means that you can see where your posts are being shared and can even see what sort of content is being shared the most, allowing you to replicate those within other areas in order to increase social standing from your visitors.

Offering a complete tool solution is one of the biggest selling points for Cemper with their LRT platform and continuing growth within their services means that they seem to be keen to continue offering a brilliant service on which to account for your own SEO analysis.

Going from the paid services to the free one, Google have updated their own backlink analysis tool which can be found within your Webmaster Tools area.

Looking into my own account, I have seen that they have now made it easier to be able to track the links that are pointing into your websites, creating a new option that now allows you to be able to download the latest links that have been found by their crawlers and giving you the date in which they were first seen.

Okay so this is something that is not going to be ground breaking to a vast number of people but for those of you who don't have paid services like Ahrefs.com and LinkResearchTools.com, but for those of you that don’t have access to those services, you can still check the links that are pointing into your site and when they were indexed as links.

A positive step from Google in their bid to help webmasters but a strong indication that they aren't about to roll out the ultimate SEO tool kit any time soon…

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