Ahrefs.com Gets New Layout

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Ahrefs have quickly established themselves to be one of the widest used backlink checking tools in the industry and it forges part of the armoury of tools that we have to our disposal, allowing us to collate widescale backlink information across a number of different leading platforms (see the tools we use area for some of the other tools we use).

We use Ahrefs.com widely throughout the company and notice when they make alterations to the tool, whether that be related to the way that they operate and find their data right down to changes in the user interface, the latter of which seems to have undergone a redesign once again.

Knowing from first-hand experience, Ahrefs try to listen to feedback and suggestions and we have seen changes implemented into the data interface following an email suggestion, giving us even more fantastic filtering in order to make our research a little easier than it was before the release.

Logging into Ahrefs this week, we have seen that there has been a change in the way the interface is presented, clearly looking more sleek and some have even said "clean", a welcome change from the previous layout that seemed a little crammed in and hard to navigate.

Making their new design focus more on a sidebar aspect, they have collated the data into easy to find sections on the left side of the tool, reducing the amount of clutter that had previously run interference with those quick checks that you wanted to complete, as can be seen below:


With all the searching for the filter system that you had previously begun to master in terms of positioning on the site, in a bid to reassert yourself, it can be hard to see that the homepage carries a couple of updates too, including a history button that displays the last websites that you have accessed through the tool as well as the option to compare up to five domains at once.


Overall the tool looks great and we continue to use it widely alongside MajesticSEO to collate some of the most indepth profile data related to clients possible, using those alongside Google Webmaster Tools to enhance the available data and allow us to conduct strict analysis and research.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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