Ahrefs.com Adds Historical Link Data to Site Explorer Tool

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

When trying to take a look at a backlink profile there are a number of tools that we use in order to get as much of a complete insight as possible, generally combining Majestic.com with Ahrefs.com in order to obtain as much information as possible, however last Friday we noticed that there was a new addition to Ahrefs.com's site explorer tool.

When Matt accessed the tool, he was greeted with an additional dropdown menu alongside the URL bar that we have become so used to seeing and immediately it was noticed that there was something else coming to the growing development of Ahrefs, so we decided that we would reach out to their support to ask what their new Live / Fresh options were about.


After speaking with support, we were quickly told that the new feature was being rolled live into the tool in order to allow users to be able to look at a small snippet of historical link data (apparently the past 3 months), a valuable insight into whether the site that you are looking to analyse have seen links drop or become dormant.

After reaching out to Ahrefs.com for comment on the findings and to establish whether we were going to be able to share the finding with you all last week, we were asked to wait until the initial blogpost was placed on their own blog, which allows us to take a look at what they have to say about the new feature.

Within the blogpost which was published 21st September revealed the thought behind the new inclusion of the historical data, saying "Knowing which of your links are no longer 'live' gives you an opportunity to restore them and improve your backlink profile."


Reading further into the sharing of information that their post provided, Ahrefs revealed that their historical data collection was gathered from 13th August 2015, however with the reveal that the ‘Fresh' index will provide 3 months of previous data, we presume that this will become a rolling collection date to ensure that the data shown continues to be relevant to that timescale.

The inclusion of historical link data is not a ground-breaking release into the competitive market of link profile tools, with Majestic.com well-respected for their historical data, however it is another feather in the ‘peak' for Ahrefs.com that continue to develop their tool set with some great tools and additions.

For more information about the new Fresh Index / Live Index on Ahrefs, head over to their blogpost.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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