Abuse Guest Blogging and Google Will Take Action

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

With link building techniques changing all the time, the notion of being able to share your opinion or story with another website audience has become a great way to be able to have what you have to say about a topic heard by people that may not have previously found your own site, however as with many link building tactics in the industry, things for guest blogging are quickly becoming abused.

Google know that there are instances in which specialist columns or even the average website would benefit from allowing information from a third party to be shared on their site, for example interview, opinion pieces and expert insight into present and upcoming events but as we have all seen in the past, huge volumes of people take these methods and abuse them to the point where Google simply can't allow them to be considered to be of any real value.

The problem arises when companies, website owners or even SEO's see the opportunity to be able to write about a subject that relates to the nature of a site that they would like to obtain a backlink from, however not all of the time does that mean that the chosen site is directly related to the niche that their own website is held within, for example we have seen posts on gardening blogs that have then linked to car garages offering servicing and repairs.

In the latest Webmaster Help video created by Matt Cutts, he addresses a question that is submitted from India which touches on the subject of guest posting as a link building tactic, asking:

question about guest posts

Talking about how the process of time seems to see a continued reluctance to accept guest posting as a viable linking strategy in a larger scale plan, Cutts revealed that he has seen the "scepticism" towards guest posts growing based on the vast levels of abuse that seem to be demonstrated at the moment.

With the acknowledgement that abuse is happening, Cutts warned that it would be something that Google would be looking to take another look at, saying that Google are "always willing to take action" against anything that they believe to be suffering "abuse" through low quality, low value examples.

Although the video shows that Google are aware of what the guest blogging abusers are doing, it seems that there will not be a complete punishment roll out that will blanket the method but Cutts did hand out a couple of tips to ensure that you are conducting your guest posting methods correctly:

  • Do not make guest blogging your only method of link building
  • Do not send out thousands of requests to offer the site owners chance to have your post feature on their site
  • Do not use the same content on any site, the posts should be unique
  • Do not spin your article in order to make it unique enough to re-post on a different site

You can see the latest video about guest blogging below:

So with guest blogging clearly about quality, the need to source authority sites that are willing to accept your post is vital but how will you be looking to convince them to give your post the exposure you desire? After all you're only guest blogging if you're not paying!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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