5 things that stop anchor text being passed

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

It’s not often I let data leak or publish results from our Labs (or the SEO programming office just behind me), but while building our SEO link Analysis Toolbar for Firefox.. James started finding weird issues while parsing a page on a wordpress blog. This was down to a wordpress plugin that allows you to cloak links to Google not in a good way either this plugin actually removes the link for Google !! This got me thinking about retesting what does and doesn’t pass Anchor text link

1 The “NO Follow”

Yep not rocket science but when was the last time you actually checked it in an SEO lab environment ? well with 99% certainty I can say that this

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk”>Dave Naylor</a> will not pass the “Dave Naylor” link text to the target page

2 The First link first rule

OK in the code below you can see it has 2 links, one is “Dave Naylor” and the other “UK seo”. If this code was placed on your website the Dave Naylor text link would pass Google link authority and anchor text equity  helping my site rank for “Dave Naylor” but because the second link is going to the same page on the David Naylor blog  I get Google link authority but I get NO help ranking for “UK Seo”. Google doesn’t carry the anchor text.

We like this guy <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk”>Dave Naylor</a>, Dave is a <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk”>UK Seo</a>

To get the benefit of both links you would have needed to the link to my site like this:

We like this guy <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk”>Dave Naylor</a>, Dave is a <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk/blog”>UK Seo</a>

The second link is targeting another page on David Naylor. 2 things I haven’t tested which I will are :

We like this guy <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk”>Dave Naylor</a>, Dave is a <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk/index.html>UK Seo</a>

Where adding a index.html to the second link even though that page is a direct duplicate of the root TLD and

We like this guy Dave  check out his <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk”>Home</a>, Dave is a <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk>UK Seo</a>

The second test I need to do is when I use a common word like “home” or “for more info” will that allow the second link to pass equity I don’t think it will but I should test it anyway.

3 The Space in URL

This is a weird one and we are actually retesting this at the moment but we found that no anchor text was passed when a space was added to the URL in the href:

We like this guy <a href=”http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk“>Dave Naylor/a> ( this is just to represent a space) very weird and odd so we are retesting !!

4 The 301 redirect

We like this guy <a href=”http://www.yoursite.co.uk/301-davenaylor”>Dave Naylor/a> where the 301-davenaylor page is just a straight 301 redirect to http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk the anchor text wasn’t passed onto davidnaylor at all ๐Ÿ™ sad days

5 The Cloaking plugin

I mentioned this at the beginning of the post and personally I think this is the most stupidest and dangerous. Two reasons, 1st one it seems that most people that use this plugin are link selling on a certain network so  that network should be burnt to the ground which will knock out innocent sites as well, secondly if your not in this link selling network and have installed the plugin hey you look like you’re part of a link selling network and will get burnt in the next big “let’s tackle link sellers again” update in Google.


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