Interflora – What Really Happened?

by Anthony Shapley

Update 23:00:

It seems that we were on the money today with the newspaper links being the cause of Google handing down a link based penalty to Interflora :

So I think we can close the whole Interflora debacle, read more on http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/a-reminder-about-selling-links.html ( If you’re wondering why I nofollowed the Google links it’s because it’s on blogspot 😉 )


Over the course of this morning we’ve been investigating the cause of the recent Interflora crisis that has had us all interested at one level or another, however we are now confident we have got to the bottom of what has caused this massive global brand to be hit by Google’s hammer. There has been widespread debate about whether Interflora’s Blogger Outreach programme was the cause of the issue. Before revealing the true cause of this penalty, lets take a look at why it isn’t the blogger outreach, or anchor text distribution and has nothing to do with gateway pages that have been created for local targeted flower delivery services.

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When To Call It A Day

by Rory Lofthouse

We have recently been working closely with a client who received an Unnatural Link warning back in April 2012 and with their permission we felt it was useful to share the following information that may help others in a similar situation. When your website has been running since 2002 you're

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Negative Seo the link takedowns

by David Naylor

Following on from Craig’s post yesterday …. Let’s say for example I wanted to take down a competitor, in this case it’s my site David Naylor and the keyword is DaveN, Firstly I could quickly log into Ahrefs and collect some data, mainly linking to me with that anchor text: Create

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Link Removals – You’re At Risk

by Craig Addyman

We have recently been doing one of many link clean-ups that come along with new clients, where we analyse the client's backlink profile and follow that up with link removal requests that we have agreed upon with the client; so basically finding all the problem links and attempting to get

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Matt Cutts on Widget Links

by David Naylor

Matt Cutts recently posted a new video about NO-Following Widget and Infographics links, this isn’t his first attempt to get the word out on this subject. This video about Google’s current thinking on getting links from article marketing and widgets was Published on 17 Oct 2012 Matt says in the 2012

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Google Moving The Goal Posts With Reconsiderations

by David W

Chances are you may know of a website that has had a manual penalty, and if you’ve had a go at getting someone out of a manual penalty you will realise how time consuming it can be.  But what makes it worse is that Google are moving the goal posts

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RSS the SEO’s Worst Nightmare !

by David Naylor

Sometimes the things that Google do just make my head hurt, aka "the unnatural link warnings". I am pretty sure most SEO agencies out there will have come across at least one of these, I know I have, and most new clients come with one these days. But I'm not

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