Why The Google AdWords Keyword Tool Shouldn’t Be Used For SEO – A Case Study

by David W

Update: The AdWords Keyword Tool may now be more accurate, please see our latest post. I used to love the Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Dave Naylor used to bang on about how inaccurate it was but I used to proudly defend Google’s keyword tool, adamant that the company that will “do no evil” would never give inaccurate data. DaveN was right, and I was very, very wrong.

Back in February/March I was working with a friend who were selling aquariums and pond supplies. I did a lot of keyword research for him using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and I found the perfect keyword for him.

“Fish Pond Supplies”

It was amazing, looking at the Google AdWords Keyword Tool it was getting 18,100 searches [EXACT] match – and I knew that I could hit high on page 1 with just a few onsite changes, so I was very excited – my friend was going to be so pleased and the traffic would increase loads in the first month, perfect.

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SEO 101 Common Mistakes

by Paul Carpenter

For all the “SEO isn’t rocket science” crap you get from certain quarters it’s funny to see that companies from huge concerns down to one-man bands continue to commit the same errors they were making 10 years ago. If you’re an SEO, you could easily add to this list yourself

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Linking Building don’t ever do this !

by David Naylor

This to me is one of the worst things in the industry at the moment and I really hate it with a passion,. note the “SEO link” a reference to David Naylor has been used to protect the client and industry it wasn’t SEO related ! A few weeks ago

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Is Google AdWords Keyword Tool Now More Accurate?

by David W

If you haven’t read it, we did a post last month on how inaccurate the Google AdWords Keyword tool is. Well we’ve just had Brent from Market Samurai point out that the search volume on “fish pond supplies” has now changed to 210 (see before and after screenshots below). Before

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5 things that stop anchor text being passed

by David Naylor

It’s not often I let data leak or publish results from our Labs (or the SEO programming office just behind me), but while building our SEO link Analysis Toolbar for Firefox.. James started finding weird issues while parsing a page on a wordpress blog. This was down to a wordpress

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Did newspapers just destroy SEO?

by Carla Marshall

We use a range of distribution networks for our clients and we all work very hard as a team to source quality partners for content, links and news. Like any good SEO agency, we also utilise press releases to push relevant stories regarding not only our clients but the agency

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The 5 Best Backlink Analysis Tools

by Zoe Piper

Backlink analysis is a big part of what we SEOs do. Not only do we want to take a look at our client's backlinks, we also want to know about the links to our client's competition. Unfortunately, this kind of analysis can be pretty time consuming – an hour spent

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