Google Once Again Take Out Network With “No footprint” As Falls

by Alex Graves

Search engine giants Google have once again shown their ability to determine relationship of websites even though the main hub claims that there are no viable footprints to tie the sites together, announcing that they have taken action against guest blogging network

Although it seems to just another instance of guest blogger network elimination, it should be mentioned that was different to, another guest blogging network that has been subjected to the Google penalty exodus that seems to be in full swing at the moment, but both sites have suffered the same fate… De-indexation for their brand following an unnatural links warning message via the Google Webmaster Tools platform.

In a short conversation, head of Google Web Spam team, Matt Cutts replied to a tweet from a user known as ‘techtada' and was seen to confirm the action taken against the site:

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Speaking at SMX London – May 13th 2014

by David Naylor

In a few weeks time I’ll be heading back to Stamford Bridge to speak at SMX London. I’m speaking on the SEO Track on Day 1 and in the session “Long-Term SEO: How To Win For Years, Not Days”. I’ll be aiming to share in the session my thoughts on

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Google Adwords Changes Seem To Be A Storm in A Tea Cup

by Alex Graves

There was panic recently as Google announced that they would be altering the way in which they processed how Google Adwords data would be reported, saying that they would be looking to make their information processing safer by holding back the referral URL and other areas of data that passed

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Twitter profile redesign looks suspiciously similar to Facebook

by Sian Thomas

In early February, Twitter started testing a brand new redesign on select users' profile pages. The newly designed profiles were initially only rolled out to a small random group of users, with notable celebrities including Channing Tatum and Michelle Obama being selected. I was fortunate enough to be one of

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Is Google About To Put Adwords Keyword Data into Darkness?

by Alex Graves

UPDATE: It seems that the panic is over and you can see why here. UPDATE: This has now been announced by Google here. There has been discussion recently that Google have said that they are looking to address an issue with the ‘Not Provided' information that we are all seeing

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DeepCrawl Update 1.8

by David Whitehouse

I had the chance recently to beta test the new DeepCrawl update (version 1.8).  For regular readers of the blog you may recall my blog post on DeepCrawl back in November, The Latest Weapon In The SEO Arsenal: DeepCrawl. Since then The Sandpit has been busying away creating this latest

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Spider Large Sites With Screaming Frog

by Craig Addyman

ScreamingFrog's a great tool and if you know how to use it you can make it incredibly powerful. Take for example spidering large sites. The site I'm using in this example, currently has over a million pages indexed within Google – now in relation to some of the sites on

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